Berta Kuhnel


Shamanic Healing is deeply transformational on the personal journey as well as increasing physical/ emotional health potential. Emotional, physical or spiritual traumas can create imprints within the energy body, which anchor in psychological, health, behavioral and life journey patterns. Working within the energetic field it assists in releasing old pattern restrictions and reclaiming wholeness. The removal of these energetic imprints, and the recovery and reintegration of our hidden gifts allow us the freedom of choosing our own responses to life’s situations and challenges.

Oriental Medicine including Acupuncture, Herbology and Reiki supports and encourages the body’s innate healing ability while assisting with the removal of stagnation throughout the body and its energetic systems. Oriental Medicine is a dynamic system, which encompasses a wide scope of practice including internal conditions, stress syndromes, metabolic and hormonal imbalances.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle “hands on” method of releasing restrictions in the membranes that surround and protect the brain, spinal cord and sacrum. By enhancing body functioning and alleviating pain Craniosacral Therapy can relieve a number of sensory, motor and neurological dysfunctions including chronic pain, learning disabilities and stress related problems.

Lifestyle Education provides the opportunity to consider various daily choices including options regarding diet, exercise, and stress management. These as well as other choices we make play important roles in gaining and maintaining health, vitality and a sense of well being. Classes are also available providing tools to enrich and support health.

"Thank you so much for all of your help on every level! I am so grateful for all of your treatments available in your medicine bag and extensive knowledge and experience which you gladly share with me. I deeply respect how you touch many in the world through your work directly and indirectly. How lucky I to have the direct experience of your work as a healer."
- Marianne Gower Stratton, D.C.

"Thank you so much for your work and the spirit work you facilitated with me today. I feel profoundly changed, energized and clear. I feel grounded and centered for my way forward. Your tracking was spot on, the clearing was gentle, sweet and yet powerful. The way you guided me into embodying my new bodyspace and feeling my way forward really brought me home and left me with a path, tools and guideposts. I appreciate you so much. I am sure we will connect again soon."
- Stephen H

"For over a year now on a monthly basis, I receive acupuncture and herbs, cranial sacral, and shamanic treatments with Berta and can't say enough about how deeply her care has benefitted my overall well-being and my relationship with Life. The journey with Berta holds vast possibilities for healing and transformation within the scope of her Great work and her Being... It is how she sees, listens, and brings the true technology of healing and transformation into each session at the energetic level and creates such a powerful space for this 'technology' to work on all the layers of our Beings. With Berta there is only drilling deeper into the truth of living to our fullest potential, and how we can actually develop and apply the wisdom.
Working with Berta is a journey not a destination, although when Berta brings mutual awareness to a challenging situation it can certainly be resolved within the field of possibilities this open-hearted relationship creates in the moments. She is such a gifted Chinese Medicine Doc and Shaman, and way beyond that!"
- Deanne E.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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